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Opti Ova is a comprehensive female reproductive support kit that provides an effective combination of key antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals proven to improve egg quality and enhance fertility. The components below work to optimize mitochondrial function which is a key factor in oocyte function and quality, reduce oxidative stress, supports blood flow to the endometrium and it’s development, and enhance detoxification pathways.

1 packet per day



Protects cells from damage, improves egg quality and embryo quality, provides a detox pathway for pollutants which interfere with reproduction.


Improves ovarian response and mitochondrial function - more energy produced in cells and egg cells in particular, which is important for reproduction, counter acts ovarian aging.

Omega 3 fatty acids

Helps the body regulate prostaglandin, a hormone involved in conception. Also crucial for fetal brain development.

Folate and Vitamin B complex

Folate is important for fetal brain development. Associated with increased chances of embryo survival. 5-MTHF format helps body absorb folate.

Quatrefolic acid administration has been associated with higher peak (6S)-5-MTHF levels than both folic acid and calcium 5-MTHF, with higher plasma folate levels even in those with high functioning MTHFR polymorphisms.

In addition to superior folate bioavailability, Active B Complex contains superior forms of each B vitamin

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